Saturday, July 26, 2008

Princess Maddie Dress

I dreamed up this dress over the past 3 years and finally had the perfect inspiration - a little girl named Maddie. Two Ottobre pattern played a large part in this creation. If you are an Ottobre officionado, see if you can pick out the two patterns I borrowed from. ;)
The fabrics are by Michael Miller.

Swirly Fun!

Twenty cans of shaving cream in one week sounds like a desperate woman's frenzy to rid herself of every single unwanted hair on her body! On the contrary, I've been learning a new method of dying fabric. ;) The creamy marbled result that comes from the shaving cream technique is fascinating, artistically expressive and highly sought after. It is also quite labor-intensive.

I played Chopin on my iPod while creating these, and looking closely, you can see his Etude #12 in Cm - my favorite! This lovely pad set is going to an expecting mama building her postpartum stash. The fabrics will be added to my gallery for future custom orders.

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Recent Customs

Here are some recent customs I did for a wonderful customer half way across the globe from me. I used the Swirly dye technique for a few of them and hand painted the others. I call it 'Pad Art'. My mother calls it 'Silly'. But I like the way one customer put it, "It makes you happy when you pull your pants up!" Hahaha!

Monday, July 07, 2008


Go With The Flo Pads were designed by Robin, a fellow Work-At-Home-Mom, in 2005. The trim contoured fit and ingenious stay-put wing design quickly made them a great success. In January of 2008, I took over production for Robin while she enjoyed an extended babymoon. In June, she approached me with the option to buy Go With The Flo, and I am now the proud owner of it!

You can expect the same level of outstanding customer service and product quality that customers received from Robin. There will be one thing different: There will be more instock for your shopping pleasure! Every Friday at YINIA...and occasionally at GWTF and Etsy.