Monday, August 24, 2009

Is it really almost the end of summer 09???

Wow, did this summer go by quickly or what?! We still have a good selection of pads in our gorgeous ocean colors available at Take advantage of the final days of our free shipping offer with code 'FREESHIP' through August 31st!

Here's a peek of our new colors for the upcoming fall season. A palette of warm, rich earthy colors...

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Lovin' the Beach!

It is so HOT here on Maui - I am very thankful to be able to spend at least a day a week at one of our beautiful beaches!
In the spirit of beating the heat, we are giving 10% off all sales this weekend only. Use coupon code 'TAKE10' during checkout.

There is still a great selection of products available in our store. Our next stocking will not be until August 1st, so grab what you can now!

Friday, July 03, 2009

Happy Independence Day! and Happy Birthday to GWTF!

Happy Fourth of July!!

If you are wondering where Go With The Flo™ went, let us assure you GWTF is very much alive and prospering still.

If you are an existing customer of ours, you should have received a postcard explaining everything, but if you're new (or didn't get the postcard), here's what's going on...

Go With The Flo™ is still owned and operated by the same person. So that I can better serve your needs, Go With The Flo™ and Lilia Designs (my DBA) have been combined. This name consolidation simplifies things and allows the freedom to expand our product lines. In fact, we have exciting new products and lots of FFS Giveaways to be unveiled July 3rd-5th!!

    Our fabulous line of diapers is being introduced:
  • The Fit OS (one size fitted diaper covering bums from 8-40lbs)
  • The Trim Fit I & II (all in one style diaper in two sizes)
  • The Sleep Tight Fit I & II (extra coverage night time fitted diaper in two sizes)

    Our practical line of necessities:
  • Contoured Nursing Pads (now with wool backing option for leakproofing)
  • Shower Flower (fun cloth bath poufs that scrub you clean)
  • Tips (the coolest little finger mit for facial care)
  • Beauty Rounds (the perfect cloth replacement for disposable cotton balls, rounds...etc.
  • Organic drool Bibs
  • Super-size Receiving Blankets (perfect for swaddling!)

We've gotten together with Seylah, yarn dyer extrordanaire, and SweetKnits, yarn knitter extrordanaire, to bring you two awesome custom slots. Seylah has dyed up BFL Aran and Honey Bulky in our two most popular colorways, 'Pink Fusion' and 'Infinity'. SweetKnits will work magic with your yarn to make into a gorgeous soaker of your choice to match your Fit OS!

I invite you to visit our newly designed website, and tell me what you think. Please follow us on Twitter, FaceBook and our Blog for the latest news and special coupons.
Mahalo for FOUR awesome years!!!



Friday, May 22, 2009

Annual Super Sale!

It's time for the Annual Go With The Flo Super Sale!
We are clearing out the last of our 2008 inventory to make room for the sweet new products and other surprises we have in store. Don't miss saving up to 50% on your favorite pads!
From 7-7 save 30% off everything in the store. Or try your luck between 7:15pm and 8pm to see if you can score the same pads for 50% off!

Friday, April 10, 2009

New colors for Spring/Summer 2009!

Here are the first of 7 new colors we will be introducing over the coming weeks. Inspired by the moods of our beautiful ocean, we bring you "Kai", "Nalu" and "Sea Glass". :)

Thursday, March 12, 2009

It's almost Spring!!!!

And we are super busy at Go With The Flo! We'll be finishing up another large order next weekend, and then we'll work on putting up all the new instock we've been collecting but haven't had time to stock!
March is my dh's and ds's birthdays. The big 40 for dh, and the big 4 for ds. ;) Then, in April, our little baby turns 1!! So, we have parties to plan and accomplish on top of keeping our stores stocked with new beautiful pads for you. Because of the family stuff, we will be randomly stocking over the next two months. So, be sure to keep in touch through our blog!

Monday, March 02, 2009

Just a small showoff

This is an order for a Diaper Swappers co-op. Here are most of the 250+ pads completed in a record two weeks time. Thanks to my helpers!! :D

Friday, February 13, 2009

Valentine's Day Specials

Ok, maybe pads aren't the first thing you think of when you dream of your Valentine's Day gift. But let's face it: a lovely set of soft, new Go With The Flo pads are going to outlast the roses andthe chocolate! Plus, it's something good for you and the earth. :)

We put together a few sweet deals for you in celebration of Valentine's Day. Don't miss the free drawing! Winner to be announced Valentine's Day. Winner only pays shipping on this beautiful set!

We also have new stock available at K & F Shops and YINIA.
Happy Valentine's Day!
Go With The Flo

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Back to the Pile of Sewing!

At last! The sergers are repaired, and the stack of sewing is going to be attacked tonight. :D
Next stocking day is Friday the 13th. In the mean time, there is a sweet selection at and a couple left at

Saturday, January 24, 2009

A Kink in the Works

After the smooth and successful launching of our new wool-backed O-Pads last Friday, we've been focusing on getting our Fit OS diapers stocked. While we enjoyed the smooth sailing we've had up until this time immensely, our projected January 20th launch was just not meant to be. Between two sergers being sentenced to rehab for acting up and refusing to serge correctly, and the Fixer-guy deciding to take a two week vacation right when I need him most, our launch date has been pushed to February 1st.
We apologize deeply to everyone who has been anticipating our Fit OS, and we assure you everything in our power is being done to things back on track. Thank you for your patience!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Happy 2009! Go With The Flo Announcements

Hau'ole Makahiki Hou! or Happy New Year!
Go With The Flo has many exciting things taking place in 2009. We have now been providing superior cloth pads for women for 3 years! Our product line has expanded, offering you a wider range of sizes and fabric options. We are adding to our team to provide you more excellent service. And we are introducing our local best sellers, cloth diapering, online!

We are happy to introduce our line of O-Pads. Organic from top to bottom, O-Pads are backed with the softest 100% wool we could find. Wool, like our poly fleece, provides a leak proof barrier. The benefit of wool is that is is a natural fiber, making it the eco-friendly choice for our cloth pads. Most women prefer wool to fleece for it's comfort and green aspects, however, a few find even the softest wool aggravating to their skin. For this reason, GWTF will continue to use our proven high performance fleece as well.

In our quest to meet each woman's specific cycle needs, Go With The Flo has created a Light Flo Line. The first size available is our 10" Petite Long Pantyliner. Following shortly, will be a 7" Petite Panty Liner. Our Pantyliners feature a unique, stay-put wing shape designed to prevent bunching and floppage that commonly occurs with other thin pads. Each Pantyliner consists of a single layer of hemp or bamboo, backed with wool or fleece, to give you unnoticeable protection. Our testers who found this pad perfect, included women who used an UID or menstrual cup and just needed a little extra protection.

Available late February, the All Nighter. As the name implies, this pad is the mother of all heavy flow pads. Go to sleep confident you won't be changing bedding in the morning. Also provides the extra absorbency for early postpartum days. Undergoing testing now.

The final product announcement we have is perhaps our most exciting! After 6 years of designing and testing cloth diapers and covers, we are proud to offer you the OS Fit. With the high demand for a diaper that goes the distance & lessens the cost of diapering our babies, the OS Fit rises to the occasion. A trim and comfortable diaper, the OS Fit has a size range of 11-35+ pounds. It features hidden snaps, quick dry soaker construction and has a fashionably finished look. We've priced it very competitively, so be sure to grab one this Tuesday the 20th at !!

Thanks to you, our wonderful customers, Go With The Flo needs a little help keeping up with the growing demand for our products! I've found two responsible assistants to help in production and customer communication. Sarah and Lei are both women who live here on Maui as well. Lei is a stay-at-home-mom of one, and Sarah is engaged to be married this year! I am excited to bring them on the team, and I know you will be pleased with the new level of service we can now provide.

Yours truly,
Go WIth The Flo