Wednesday, September 03, 2008

A Busy Week for GWTF!

We're stocking at a few places this week:

Cloth Pad Shop
K & F Shops
Go With The Flo

Go With The Flo has a fresh look! I needed to streamline Lilia Designs and Go With The Flo so that they appeared to belong to the same individual, and here's the result. GWTF site and Lilia Designs site. It feels earthy and clean to me: the brown is deep and rich and organic, while the blue is bright and clean. Hope you like it, too! :)

I'm working on some fun and exciting things for GWTF. A line of all natural and organic pads (no synthetic fibers) to debut January 2009. I will be looking for a few testers within the next couple months. I'm also putting together a subscription of sorts that automatically sends subscribers a pad every month. To sweeten the offer, the fabrics used will not be offered to the general public. So, you'll be getting true OOAK. There will be more info to come in the next week or two.

Have a wonderful shopping week!


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