Saturday, January 17, 2009

Happy 2009! Go With The Flo Announcements

Hau'ole Makahiki Hou! or Happy New Year!
Go With The Flo has many exciting things taking place in 2009. We have now been providing superior cloth pads for women for 3 years! Our product line has expanded, offering you a wider range of sizes and fabric options. We are adding to our team to provide you more excellent service. And we are introducing our local best sellers, cloth diapering, online!

We are happy to introduce our line of O-Pads. Organic from top to bottom, O-Pads are backed with the softest 100% wool we could find. Wool, like our poly fleece, provides a leak proof barrier. The benefit of wool is that is is a natural fiber, making it the eco-friendly choice for our cloth pads. Most women prefer wool to fleece for it's comfort and green aspects, however, a few find even the softest wool aggravating to their skin. For this reason, GWTF will continue to use our proven high performance fleece as well.

In our quest to meet each woman's specific cycle needs, Go With The Flo has created a Light Flo Line. The first size available is our 10" Petite Long Pantyliner. Following shortly, will be a 7" Petite Panty Liner. Our Pantyliners feature a unique, stay-put wing shape designed to prevent bunching and floppage that commonly occurs with other thin pads. Each Pantyliner consists of a single layer of hemp or bamboo, backed with wool or fleece, to give you unnoticeable protection. Our testers who found this pad perfect, included women who used an UID or menstrual cup and just needed a little extra protection.

Available late February, the All Nighter. As the name implies, this pad is the mother of all heavy flow pads. Go to sleep confident you won't be changing bedding in the morning. Also provides the extra absorbency for early postpartum days. Undergoing testing now.

The final product announcement we have is perhaps our most exciting! After 6 years of designing and testing cloth diapers and covers, we are proud to offer you the OS Fit. With the high demand for a diaper that goes the distance & lessens the cost of diapering our babies, the OS Fit rises to the occasion. A trim and comfortable diaper, the OS Fit has a size range of 11-35+ pounds. It features hidden snaps, quick dry soaker construction and has a fashionably finished look. We've priced it very competitively, so be sure to grab one this Tuesday the 20th at !!

Thanks to you, our wonderful customers, Go With The Flo needs a little help keeping up with the growing demand for our products! I've found two responsible assistants to help in production and customer communication. Sarah and Lei are both women who live here on Maui as well. Lei is a stay-at-home-mom of one, and Sarah is engaged to be married this year! I am excited to bring them on the team, and I know you will be pleased with the new level of service we can now provide.

Yours truly,
Go WIth The Flo

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