Monday, October 16, 2006


The day I found out I was having a girl, I knew I was in trouble. What would I do with a girl?? Boys, I understand. They're easy - give 'em something to bang with and let 'em get dirty. Oh, and make sure they've always got enough to eat because a hungry boy is an unhappy boy. ;) But girls? They like frilly things. PINK frilly things, and bows and foo-foo dresses. I'm a surf shorts and T-shirt girl and hate the color pink, so maybe you can understand my dilemma. But the U/S said I was having a girl, so I prayed for a tomboy like me. Weeeeeeeell, I prayed for a Chevy K-5 and got a porche. She's a girly-girl through an through, and I wouldn't trade her for the world.

Her favorite color is pink, therefore everybody's favorite color should be some shade of pink. You could say she sees her world through rose-colored glasses. 8D
I recently had a birthday, and being the sweetie she is, my daughter wanted to make me a card. "What is your favorite color, Mommy?"

"Hmmm...I like many shades of blue..."

-"And pink?"

I also like forest green-"

"And PINK?"

"Yellow is nice, and I like orange-"


"Sometimes I even like red" (I was trying to get as close to pink as possible without it being pink")

"And pink is your favorite color, too?"

Realizing I wasn't winning, I surrendered. "Yes, when you make me something, my favorite color is pink."

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