Friday, June 23, 2006


10 Ways Baby says GOOD MORNING!
1. Insert 1 tiny index finger into Mom or Dad's nasal cavity or ear canal. ( be sure to smile sweetly)

2. Select individual hairs on their scalp to pluck. (should be followed up with a hug to avoid reprecussions)

3. Use lotion pump to do messy surgery on the eye. (It works! The eye opens!)

4. Methodically drop the doorstop or other heavy, rock-like object. (the dumber you look, the better)

5. Pull over something that has lots of little pieces, then plink each object back one by one.

6. Position your dirty nighttime diaper directly in front of their face and slowly backup until you reach contact, then sit.

7. Perfect the 'Steam Roll' and the 'Body Slam'. (This one works better with Dad since he wakes up praising your wrestling skills. Mom is not so happy.)

8. Grab the edge of the covers and run!

9. Attack your sleeping sibling. (the ensuing screams are very helpful)

10. When all else fails, Tamper with the alarm clock until the radio blasts. (Guaranteed to get a rise)

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