Friday, June 16, 2006


I'm Ru - a work at home mom (W.A.H.M.) on the island of Maui. Everyone around me, including my own husband, is blogging or reading blogs. I've been putting it off because I balk at fads like a Baalam's donkey balked at the angel standing in his path. Buuut, I figure it's time to make use of this thing. It is kinda cool after all. ;)
What's in the name? I call this Teaching Mom because this is where I'll be sharing all the fun - and serious - things I learn being a mom. Like, just yesterday, my 15 mo old son careened down the hallway into my full length mirror and shattered it. It was supposed to be mounted safely on the wall that same day. I was an hour away from doing it. Lesson learned: The saying that breaking a mirror is bad luck is BS because it doesn't take into account boy toddlers who are tiny bulls in china cabinets!

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